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Regula is a company registered on the Island of Brac, specialized in offering services; cleaning, maintenance and management of residential, commercial and other facilities on the premises. Reliable and quality staff, quick and efficient communication with clients, interworking with architects, solicitors, interior and exterior designers are guarantees for your peace and placidity.

If you show interest in any of our services which we offer and organize, please feel free to contact us and we will gladly forward you an optional offer, optimum quality and services.

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What we do?

Building Management on the Island of Brač

We arrange the maintenance contract with you or the tenant representative, to retain the value of the building. more

Professional cleaning services

We professionally clean offices, villas, apartments and other facilities on Brač. more

Maintenance of your property on Brač

We maintain and regularly check all types of facilities such as villas, houses, apartments or suites. more

Services for renters

We accept and see off guests, prepare accommodation and check the property before your guests leave. more

Paying Bills and Administration

We are at your disposal for processing your bills, as well as solving or obtaining required documentation for you and your estate.

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Gardens and buildings of our clients

For Tenants

Building management

Dear Tenants!
If you are not organized in terms of management and maintenance of your building, but are aware of the legal requirements and especially the need to protect yourself and your realty, or if you are organized but are not content with the work of your present manager:

With the main purpose of upgrading and functionality of the realty of this specific environment, and all pursuant with the legislation, in conformity with the special requirements of the environment and demands of the realty owners. Unlike other surrounding management companies and businesses who offer their management and maintenance services, we with our continuous presence offer a better quality service.

Every building has relatively specific and diverse requirements, and as such we offer a flexible approach all in accordance with the existing legal regulations, in accordance with owner’s wishes and demands.

Realty management is workmanship property management with the purpose of maintaining and increasing its economic value.

Our obligations based on the contract

  • opening a separate giro bank account
  • competent overview of property state & assessment proposal of holding per m²
  • yearly plan drafting & proposal of work priorities
  • printing and delivery of banking transfer
  • contracting property insurance
  • insurance collection upon damages
  • pursuing emergency intervention
  • bookkeeping services
  • caveats to debtors for not paying holding
  • supervision of works on property
  • for larger works in agreement with the representative we choose the contractors
  • payment for collective consumption
  • organizing cleaning
  • payment of fee and contributions to representative
  • payment for cleaning and contributions
  • payment for completed work is done with the co owner´s representative approval
  • regular statements pertaining to the building conducts

All of the above, meaning complete care of your realty, assistance and implementation of wishes and demands according to your needs, a fee will be set up. You can request an offer for property maintenance and management by contacting us via telephone or our contact form.


Regula crew has been taking care of our property for years, especially when we are not on the Island. They are extremely flexible and reliable, that’s what I value the most.

Christian W.

Regula took over the management of our building in Supetar in 2016. Since then, we have solved a vast number of accumulated problems that no one has been able to cope with before.

Katarina V.

The owner knows local masters and understands local procedures. Thanks to that, he always finds a reasonable solution to a problem that seems insurmountable to us. Đani, thank you for over 10 years of cooperation!

Ian P.
Apartments and Villas

Property rental services

If you are absent or do not have time for your guests and advertising, relinquish your care, while we on your behalf do the following:


  • reception and seeing off your guests
  • cleaning upon ever guest shift, washing and changing linen
  • registration of your guests to competent offices
  • inspection of property and checking up on inventory prior to guest departure
  • guest help services (emergencies) are not charged


  • advertising your apartments via various tourist agencies
  • negotiating contracts with tourist agencies
  • photographing your property for the purposes of advertising

* among supplementary services, by arrangement, for you we may implement a complete charge for the usage of your home, same as collection of visitors tax and deposit.

Renting apartments
Renting apartments
Occasional or Regular

Cleaning services

We offer you cleaning services and conserve cleanliness of various types of facilities.

The service may be contracted voluntarily by the client in accordance with your needs, or the service may be one off, regular, on a weekly or monthly basis. For many it is not cost effective to hire an individual to clean offices or premises, so the service we offer is welcome.

We accommodate to your time frame, when it best suits you!

Renting apartments
Renting apartments
Professional Supervision and Care

Real Estate Maintenance Services

If you are a property owner on the island of Brač, but reside abroad and it is impossible for you to manage and maintain your property from a distance, with our provided service all is possible because we are located locally. Our corporate actions entail attention to preservation, touring, decoration, cleaning and maintenance of all facilities, regardless it being a villa, house, flat or apartment.

In order to maintain the value of the facilities and land, it is essential to have competent management, thus care and maintenance. Through cleaning, quick repairs, in and out of your property, the realty remains attractive on the long run for the owner and user.

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Feel free to contact us with confidence and without any obligation. Based on your inquiry, we will prepare an offer with a detailed description of the service and price.